Tribute to a Mother’s Love and Faith

Motherhood is a precious gift from God. I think that is why we find the stories of those whose lives were shaped by both a mother’s love and her faith so inspiring.  Such mothers are not as rare as we might imagine.  It has been my privilege to know some of them.  Charlotte was one.

As a young mother with a new daughter in the home, Charlotte was diagnosed with cancer.  As the gravity of her condition settled upon her, Charlotte took the matter to God.  Out of the depths of a mother’s love, she asked God to let her live long enough to raise her daughter.  I still recall the look on Charlotte’s face as she told me, very matter-of-factly, “And Pastor, God answered my prayer.”

Charlotte shared this with me when she was again battling cancer.  At the time, she knew that the outcome of her battle would not be the same, and she was content with that knowledge.   God had extended her life once, giving her far more years than she had asked of Him.  She not only lived long enough to raise her daughter, but to invest in the lives of her grandchildren.

The selflessness of Charlotte’s prayer, the depths of her love, and the reality of her faith was evident in the closing days of her life.  At her mother’s side, selflessly ministering to her needs, was the daughter whose existence had prompted the young mother to pray as she did.  Later, as I had time to reflect upon that which I had witnessed, I realized the invaluable investment that Charlotte had made in the lives of her children.  The love that Charlotte had given was returned in like measure.  The faith that had given her such hope in life gave hope to her children as her life came to a close.

A mother’s love is priceless.  When coupled with real faith in God, its worth defies calculation.  When the two are successfully passed on to the next generation, they leave a legacy that time cannot erase.  Mothers who do that through all the many challenges of life are worthy of the highest honor, although it is not honor that they seek.  They just want to be good mothers.  That’s why they are so easily overlooked.  And that is one reason we need a Mother’s Day, to prompt us to give the honor they deserve.

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