About Us


Faith Baptist Church is…Still Church

At the heart of our ministry is a desire to duplicate God’s New Testament pattern of a local congregation. We believe that God designed the church to represent His eternal Kingdom. It exists to proclaim the unchanging truth of His Word to every generation. It is meant to connect lives to that which is eternal and firm, not trendy and passing.

What to Expect

Quite simply, you can expect to attend a service that still feels like church. Our primary aim is to please Jesus Christ. We are striving together to build a congregation that conforms to His truth and fulfills His purpose in our lives.

Still Preaching – dynamic, passionate preaching directly from the Bible. We are driven by the conviction that when the Bible speaks, God speaks. Our greatest need in worship is to hear what God has to say to us through His Word.

Still Reverent – cultivating an environment that honors God and demonstrates a desire to offer God our best in worship; not because it impresses Him, but because He deserves it. That God reaches out to us in grace doesn’t marginalize His glory; it magnifies it! Those whose lives have been enriched by God’s grace don’t offer Him less; they desire to give Him all that He deserves.

Still Hymns – songs rich in truth, sung from joyful hearts, and directed to an audience of One. Rediscover the excitement of a worship service where the power comes from a singing congregation, and not the sound equipment!

Still Men – equipping men to accept their God-given role to provide strong, loving, Christ-like leadership in their homes, in the church, and in the culture.

Still Family – upholding the biblical model of the home and traditional family values. God designed the family! We believe that the richest, most enduring family relationships are built with God’s blueprint for the home.

Still Compassionate – committed to being a congregation that cares, fervently sharing the love of Christ with one another and with others.

Come Visit Us This Sunday. You Are Always Welcome at Faith Baptist Church.