BannerEach year I seek God’s leadership for a fresh vision for Faith Baptist Church. The vision is a biblical truth that God would have us focus on in the year ahead. It is a truth meant to give us guidance for our lives and direction for the ministries of FBC.

This year’s vision comes from Colossians 1:18, “That in all things HE might have the preeminence.” It reminds us that every day, all the time, in every part of our lives, Jesus Christ is to be regarded above all. He is to occupy the place of supremacy in our lives.

Many things in life compete for our passions. They campaign to be given the right to sit upon the throne of our hearts. They take many forms – pursuits, pleasures, relationships, occupations, and many more. Often, they push Jesus Christ to the perimeter of our lives.

Because of who HE is, Jesus Christ deserves to be above all. HE is the only one qualified to sit upon the throne of our lives. Every day, one of the greatest struggles we face is that of giving HIM preeminence. Every morning, when we look in the mirror, each of us must ask ourselves, “Where will Jesus fit into my life today?” We must determine That HE will have the preeminence. In every decision we make, in everything we do, HE must be considered above all.

I am looking forward to lifting up Jesus Christ together with you in my life and in our church in 2014. I invite you to commit with me to that pursuit. Let’s not settle for giving Jesus anything less than the place He deserves: preeminence in all things.