Respecting Matters of Conscience

November 5, 2017 ()

Bible Text: Romans 14:1-12 |

Living in a secular culture presents us with many challenges. One of those challenges is deciding what elements of our society are incompatible with living out our faith in Jesus Christ. Surely, not everything that is acceptable to the world in which we live is acceptable to our Savior. But what happens when Christians disagree on what is acceptable and what is out of bounds in a believer's life? In this sermon, Pastor Zimmerman helps us see how to deal with these differences, both as a matter of fellowship with other believers, and as a matter of conscience before God.

2 thoughts on “Respecting Matters of Conscience

  1. Excellent clarification on these verses.
    I have a question. Is using the KJV one of those things you don’t waver on ? I am not talking about beating someone over the head with it, but is it so important ?
    Also, what about men wearing suits and ties to church, women in dresses ? Where is the line. Everything has gotten wishy washy from one Baptist Church to another.

  2. Thank you for taking the time to listen to the sermon, and for the encouraging words. The remaining sermons from Romans 14 builds on the truths presented in this one, and you may find it helpful to listen to each of them. I know that I greatly benefited from the study of the chapter. Concerning the matter of attire, I believe “dressing up” for church is one way we can demonstrate our reverence for God, as well as the unique nature of worship. Worship is special, and our attire can reflect that. That said, dressing up is not a requirement in our services. Concerning the Bible, the KJV is used throughout our services, and I would welcome the opportunity to share with you personally our reasons for doing so. If you are in the area, come visit one of our services. It would be great to meet.

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